Great news! Ibotta is now offering a direct link to your Publix  account! You no longer will have to upload your Publix receipts to Ibotta, just use your Publix digital account to automatically redeem your rebates.

Of course so the items you purchased reach Ibotta you will need to type in your digital phone number a check out.

You will also need to clip the rebates in Ibotta before reaching check out.

If you have not signed up for Ibotta click here, you are missing tons of extra savings!

Here is how to connect your account:



Open the Ibotta app on your phone. 


Click on the Publix store icon


Chose “Connect your Publix card”

Dont chose the ” connect your account ” button here. Go below the button and click the “Log in”

Log into your Publix digital account, with your username (email) and password

You will then be in your Publix account, return to Ibotta and it should read ” connecting account at the top of your Ibotta screen.

After a few minutes you will receive confirmation your account is connected at the top of the screen.

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