Pick up some Big Easy Bucha this week at Publix, while it’s on sale BOGO! ( Publix Weekly Sale 7/1/20 -7/7/20 OR 7/2/20 -7/8/20)

Big Easy Bucha drinks are 100% natural – No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners are ever used, including Stevia.

I picked up this  Jammin Ginger flavor to try –  It contains actual pieces of ginger, which is something I have been looking into making a part of my daily intake. Ginger has a lot of superpowers like being a great natural anti-inflammatory and can help fight infections!

Bayou Berry is another I liked it has a hint of strawberry and apple and it’s perfectly sweet! 

Kombucha contains a large number of healthy bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria yeast that is good for your gut and strengthening the immune system.

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