Below are the Ibotta deals at Publix currently.



What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is an awesome cashback app you can use for extra savings on top of couponing at Publix.

If you are new to Ibotta click here and read our Ibotta 101 article.

How do I  join Ibotta?

If you have not joined Ibotta click here.

What are the Publix Deals this week? For the Publix weekly deals, all in one spot hover over the ” Publix Deals” tab, above, and chose Best Deals.

For the hottest Purple Flyer Deals hover over the Publix Deals tab and chose ” Purple Flyer Best Deals.

For the Best Deals in the Green Flyer hover over the Publix Deals tab and chose ” Best Green Flyer Deals”

Publix Early Ad Sneak Peek: To view upcoming ads, or sneak peek the Publix Green Flyer or Purple Flyer hover over the Publix Deals tab and chose ” Full Matchups & Ad Scan”

Where do I get Publix Coupons? To view current Publix Coupon books hover over the ” Get coupons here” tab and chose Publix Coupon Books.

Below are Quick buttons to view the current Publix Weekly Best Deals, Publix Green Flyer Best Deals, and Publix Purple Flyer Best Deals. The final quick button is for the Publix Weekly Sales Ad Sneak Peek. Simply click on the pictures to view all the Best Publix Deals for each.

Beginner's Guide to Couponing at Publix
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