Awesome Deal on Glad Press n’ Seal at Publix during the

Weekly Sale 12/11-12/17 or 12/12-12/18

Pick up this  Glad Press n’ Seal super cheap. Learn an ingenious way I found to use it to save you some time.

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Since Glad Press n’ Seal is super cheap next week, I wanted to share with you all an ingenious idea I saw, in my Facebook feed,  last month. I went and purchased some Glad Press & Seal during the last BOGO sale at Publix to do this idea, and love the result. I dread cleaning the fridge, and this has cut down on having to do it as often and painstakingly.

You can also cover the top of your fridge, so it doesn’t get gummy!

I did this to my fridge in less than 3o mins last month and it’s still pretty!

You can still wipe spills if you like it comes up easy, or just peel up the Press n’ Seal and reapply. It took less than a box to do my entire fridge I even lined the drawers!

Clean the fridge thoroughly before applying, Then I left the shelves out to air dry so the Press n’ Seal could adhere to the shelves easier.  Grab some scissors, it was easier for me to cut the Press n’ Seal in the fridge while doing it than to measure and plan, I just eyeballed it.

Leave a little extra Press N’ Seal to fold under each shelf. Make sure to push the Press n Seal liner down tight, and get any ” bubbles” out so it stays intact longer.

Photo and Idea credit to here

Publix Weekly Sale 12/11-12/17 OR  12/12-12/18

Glad Storage or Freezer Bags 30 – 50 ct. pkg. or Clingwrap 200 sq. ft. Press n’ Seal 70 sp ft. or Freezer Wrap 150 sq ft. or Glad Containers with Lids 3 – 8 ct. BOGO up to $3.79

Glad Press n’ Seal  BOGO $3.19

Buy (2) Glad Press n’ Seal  BOGO – $3.69
Use (2) Click here to print Save $0.75 on any ONE (1) Glad® Press’nSeal or Cling Wrap
Pay $1.10 each box


Save $0.75 on any ONE (1) Glad® Press'nSeal or Cling Wrap

Also on sale Glad Cling Wrap

Glad ClingWrap 200-sq ft. BOGO $3.19

Buy (2) Cling Wrap at BOGO – $3.19
Use (2) Click here to print Save $0.75 on any ONE (1) Glad® Press’nSeal or Cling Wrap
Pay 85¢ each

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