The 2020 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule is provided to let you know which coupon inserts, and how many of each will be in your upcoming Sunday Paper.

Above is the 2020 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule. Each week your Sunday paper contains coupon inserts. The three Sunday Coupon Inserts are SmartSource (SS),  Retail Me Not (RMN)  and  P&G. The number of inserts that are distributed each week varies.  Also, the number of coupon inserts in your Sunday Paper varies by region, so your number may differ from the guide. Most Holidays no inserts are distributed. 2020 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule is a guide to help you prepare your couponing shopping trips, save this picture to your computer or phone so you can know how many inserts will be in your Sunday papers each week.

To see which newspapers carry Retail Me Not in your area click here

PLEASE NOTE:  these numbers are subject to change throughout the year.


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