Publix Couponing 101 How to Coupon at Publix

Hi, Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide to Couponing at Publix. This guide will show you everything you need to know to start saving tons of money on groceries while shopping at Publix with coupons.

In our Beginner’s Guide to Couponing at Publix we will go over:

The Publix Coupon Policy

Stacking Coupons at Publix

Publix Rebates

Where to find Publix Coupons

How to read a breakdown

What is Coupon Matchups?

How to find the Best Publix Deals of this Week

What is Half BOGO & True BOGO?


Publix Coupon Policy

‘A coupon policy is the store’s rules regarding using coupons in their store. Much like this Beginner’s Guide to Publix Couponing, it teaches you the rules of couponing in Publix. Each companies’ policy differs. It is important to know the store’s coupon policy to avoid surprises at the register and to eliminate frustration. Before you start couponing at Publix, take a minute to read the coupon policy in the link below.  

Click here to read Publix’s coupon policy.

Our Publix Beginner’s Guide to Couponing will help you interpret the Publix Policy. We will break down key parts of the policy below. 

Publix Coupon Policy states: “The types of coupons we accept: Manufacturer coupons, Publix coupons, Internet coupons, and coupons from nearby competitors (a list of which are posted at each Publix store).”

You learned in our Beginner’s Guide that Manufacturer coupons are found in inserts (from the Sunday paper) can be printed from sites like or sometimes found in the store  (peelies, blinkie, tear pads) 

Publix Coupons can be found in Publix’s Extra Savings Flyer. Publix also usually has another coupon book out (these happen seasonally) We post these books under the Get Coupons tab on our site here

Publix Policy: “Acceptance is subject to any restrictions on the coupon.”

 This means you must abide by the terms of the coupon. We covered coupon terms in our Beginner’s Guide here 

If the coupon’s terms state something different from the Publix Policy, for example, how many you may use in a transaction, the coupon’s terms supersede the Publix Policy.

Publix Coupon Policy: “We limit coupon redemption to eight of the same coupons per day, per household.”

As you read in their policy, Publix limits you to use 8 like coupons per transaction. Don’t get that confused, it means you may use 8 coupons which are alike, not 8 total in your transaction. The only time you may not use 8 like coupons at Publix is if the coupon states a limit in the coupon terms. For example ” 4 like coupons per transaction” this supersedes the store policy of 8 like coupons and you may only use 4 like coupons.

Stacking Coupons at Publix

Publix Policy: “We only accept a manufacturer coupon and either a Publix or a competitor coupon on the same item. Maximum of two coupons per item.”

Stacking coupons means using more than one coupon on an item. 

Stacking coupons seems to confuse new couponers, but it’s really quite simple. As the policy above states, you may use one store and one manufacturer coupon per item. Max two coupons. One coupon is a manufacturer the other is a store coupon (either a Publix Coupon or a Competitior coupon.)

We will go through a few of those scenarios in more detail below. 

Publix Coupon Policy: “For a buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) offer, each item is considered a separate purchase.”

This means if there is a BOGO sale you may use a manufacturer and store coupon on the ” free item” as well. 

If there is an auto-deduct sale (for ex: buy 2 get $10 off ) you may use the store and a manufacturer coupon on top of the auto deduct sale. 

Where can I get Publix Coupons?

Publix offers multiple coupon books filled with savings. The most common Publix coupon book is the Extra Savings Flyer. This Coupon book is year round at Publix, a new issue comes out every 2 weeks with new coupons and deals! The Extra Savings Flyer can be found in-store or printed from the Publix website click here.

To distinguish a Publix coupon from a manufacturer coupon look for one simple difference, the bar code or LU number. While most coupons do state ” Publix coupon” or “Manufacturer coupon ” at the top, you can always tell which coupon is a store coupon and which is a manufacturer because Publix coupons have an LU#. To the right is an example of a Publix coupon. The LU# is the number the cashier keys into the register to give you the store coupon discount.

Manufacturer coupons have a bar code and usually state “Manufacturer coupon” on the top. They also have a barcode and an address for the store to mail the coupon to so they may receive payment.

The two most common places you find Manufacturer coupons are coupon inserts, found in your Sunday Newspaper and printable coupon websites like Click the gallery below to see coupons com coupons.

How to stack coupons at Publix Couponing 101:

Publix store coupons can “stack” with manufacturer’s coupons.  Which means you may use both coupons together on an item. For example, Publix has a Halls Cough Drops on sale BOGO this week, there is a $1 off 2 Publix store coupon in the Publix Extra Savings Flyer, there is also a $1.00 off two Halls manufacturer coupon in the newspaper Sunday insert. You can use both of these coupons at the same time on one product! When the “Publix magic” happens is when there is a BOGO (Buy one get one free) sale on an item and there are a store and manufacturer coupon to stack with the sale. Using the Halls as an example again, Halls are on sale BOGO (Buy one get one free) Publix allows you to use a coupon on the ” free item” so:

Buy (2) = $2.09

Use (1) $1/2 Manufacturer’s coupon from your inserts

and use (1) $1/2 Publix Flyer coupon

Pay: 09¢ for both ~ 5¢ each

In addition to the Extra Savings Flyer store coupons,  Publix usually has seasonal coupon books out or a holiday coupon book (sometimes more than one) book out. Some of these books are printable, some you can only find in the store.  They often have store tear pads and peelies as well, so while in Publix keep your eyes peeled for all these additional savings.

To the right,  is an example with an in-store display of Publix coupon tear pads which you may often find on end caps or store displays as well. Remember you can determine the type of coupon these are by looking for the LU# in the bottom corner. Occasionally the Publix coupons books have a manufacturer coupon in them so always check for the LU# when planning your trip.

We post the Publix printable coupon books on our website when they become available click here to view them

How to video “Stacking Publix Coupons”

Does Publix accept Competitior Coupons? 

In addition to store coupons, Publix accepts competitor coupons. Each store accepts different competitors. Usually, it is stores, within a few miles of your Publix they are in competition with. They want your business, rather than you purchasing the items at Target, so they will accept the Target coupons you have on matching items in their store. The store usually has its competitors listed on a sign near the door. (see pic on right) If you can not find the sign you can ask customer service which competitor’s coupons they accept. You can also call your store, if you are planning a trip and ask Customer Service.

The Publix Policy allows you to use either a Publix store coupon or competitor store coupon on an item, not both. The max coupons you can use on one item is ONE store coupon

(either Publix or competitor) and ONE manufacturer coupon. Remember to check for the LU# and bar code (found on manufacturer coupons) to determine the type of coupons you are using.

Publix accepts competitor store brand coupons for their own Publix brand items. For example, Up & Up is a Target brand. A Publix store, which accepts Target as a competitor, will accept an Up & Up coupon on a Publix branded item.

Total Order Off Coupons at Publix

Many stores offer total order off order coupons or total off specific category coupons. Publix will sometimes send these coupons out in the mail, or through their Baby Club and sometimes you may find them in the Sunday paper or in your Target ad. Publix will accept one of these Publix coupons per day and one Competitor coupon per day. You must meet the total order off amount on the coupon. For example, if you have the two coupons to the right:

The Winn Dixie coupon, on the top, you receive $5 off your purchase of $40.00 or more. The Publix coupon, on the bottom, requires you to purchase $50.00 to receive $5 off. You may use both these coupons in one transaction, if you presented these two coupons in your transaction you would need to spend $90 in that transaction before any coupons, but after BOGO discounts.  Your total must be $90 before you hand over any coupons. Using these two coupons you will receive a $10 deduction from your order before you even have handed over the store and manufacturer coupons so it is a great start!

Publix Matchups and Best Deals

Each weekend, before the sale begins, our site, My Couponing Buddy, releases the Publix Best Weekly Deals, these are usually posted on the Saturday before the sale begins.  We receive the store circular early and match the all current store and manufacturer’s coupons to the week ’s sales. We find the best deals and break them all down for you. We are doing all the work and giving you a road map on how to do each deal! These are a priceless tool, we tell you where the coupons needed for the deal are located and how many items to buy to get the best deal. It is a great tool because it saves you from doing a lot of leg work. All you have to do is pick which items you want and start a list and cut your coupons!

Click here to see the Best Deals

Here is an example of a deal you may see in the BEST deals:

Weekly Sale 3/6 – 3/12 OR 3/7 – 3/13 <<< dates items are at this price.

*Please note Sale cycles are different days, some states begin on Wednesday and others on Thursday. Call your store to find out if your sale starts on Wednesday or Thursday.

Gerber Good Start soy infant formula 22.2 – 32 oz canister  $12 off with each purchase of three ️️ what is on sale and type of sale

Buy (3) Gerber Good Start Soy Formula 24 oz. @ $17.99 ea. = $41.97 (after auto deduct sale)$4.19 How many and which to purchase

How many and which coupons to use: ️Use (1) $4 off any 1 GERBER GOOD START FORMULA 22.2–32-oz powder Publix Extra Savings Flyer Coupon 3/2 – 3/15 Limit one coupon per household per day

AND USE (3) Click here to print Save $5.00 on ANY ONE (1) Gerber® Formula (19.04 oz or larger)

Pay: $22.97 FOR THREE ~ $7.66 EA. total you will pay 

So it’s that easy! We have broken down the deal for you, all you have to do is print/cut and take your coupons to the store. Here is an example of a deal where a coupon is found in an insert.

Kozy Shack Pudding Rice, Tropica or Chocolate, Assorted Varieties, 4 – 6 pk. 4 oz. cup or 22 oz tub, BOGO @ $3.35

Buy (2) = $3.35

Use (2) $1.00/1 Kozy Shack Pudding – 1-15-17 SS (exp 02/28/17) <<<The red date is not usually highlighted, this date is the date the insert came out which contains the coupon you need for this deal. The coupon is in your 1-15 Smart Source insert.

Pay: $1.45 for two ~ 68¢ each

It is vital to check the match ups and Best Deals as soon as they come out. When a manufacturer releases a printable coupon they only release the coupon for a certain amount of prints and or a certain amount of time. So they may release a great Tide $3 off one bottle coupon which will make the Tide $1.99 a bottle with the upcoming sale but the coupon is only available to the first 10,000 people who print it, then the coupon disappears and is no longer available to print. When sites post deals thousands of couponers print this coupon and they disappear fast. So you don’t miss out on a deal, print the coupon as soon as you see it.


What types of Sales does Publix Offers?

What are Half BOGO and True BOGO areas?

Depending on the region you live how Publix sales ring up is different. In true BOGO states (mostly just FL) the register rings up the BOGO sale items as buying one and getting one free. You must buy 2 items to take advantage of the BOGO sale price. In other areas, (we call these areas Half BOGO) the register rings up the BOGO sale items at half price. This can drastically work in your favor or not, in some situations, so its important to know which way your Publix handles a BOGO sale. For example here is a match up from next week’s sale which differs depending on which method your area uses:

Pantene is BOGO at $1.00

In HALF BOGO states the Pantene will each ring up @ $0.50

when using a BOGO coupon the coupon will only deduct $0.50 (the cost of one item)

You will pay $0.50 for both items.

In TRUE BOGO States the items ring up fill price for the first item and zero for the second item

So when you apply the coupon you are receiving the deduction on the full price item making your balance zero for both items.

Publix sometimes offers 10 for $10 sales or 5 for $5 sales, these types of sales you do not need to purchase 10 to get the sale price. Publix allow you to only purchase one for $1.

Auto Deduct sales: Auto deduct sales automatically deduct at the checkout.
Example: $3 /3 auto deduct:  You must buy three in order to get the $3 off automatically during check out. The $3 will come off automatically once they ring up the third included item.

Publix Rebates

These guides are a lot of information, as you grow as a couponer they are also great to come back to as a reference

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