Rebate purchase period:  1/1/20 – 3/31/20 

Items eligible: This offer includes all Yoplait®, Yoplait® Go-Gurt®, Oui™ by Yoplait®, YQ™ by Yoplait®, Liberté® Organic YOUGURT products sold at Publix.

During the Purchase Period, a participant must purchase twenty dollars $20.00 or more in qualifying products  The Qualifying Purchase may be over multiple trips/receipts to Publix store(s) but must cumulatively add up to at least $20.00 worth of qualifying products.

If any item is discounted at the store, for instance, it may have a temporary markdown, you will be credited for the amount of the item LESS the discount. Please place a star or an asterisk next to the price on the receipt and enter the amount less any discount. We will check your work and credit you for as much as you spent on your purchase.

If you use a coupon on any of the participating items, the coupon amount will not be subtracted from the amount you are claiming.

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