Sunday newspaper

Coupons come in the Sunday Newspaper. There are 3 coupon inserts. Retail Me Not, SmartSource, and P&G.

I recommend if you plan on getting your coupons this way buying your newspaper from the Dollar Tree most sell them for $1. Get there early, they sell out fast usually. They also limit the number you may buy, most is 2.


Clipping service

The Sunday coupon costs $4 here. It’s not worth it to me to purchase the newspaper for $4 on weeks when there is only one insert, like last week. This is when I turn to a clipping service. These companies buy the newspaper in bulk and actually clip the coupons for you!

My favorites which I have used for years are in links below:


A few things to note, find the locations of the clipping service. Services closer to you will get you coupons faster.

Order coupons for the upcoming sale. I always sit down over the weekend and look at the upcoming deals and order for next week so by the time the sale begins my coupons have arrived.

You can view the upcoming Publix ad here

You can view the upcoming best deals breakdowns here


Digital Coupons

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