Realgood Foods Enchiladas, Entree Bowls or Stuffed Chicken are on sale in the Extra Savings Flyer now through 8/13 for $3.50 each.

Want to win a coupon to try a FREE  Realgood Foods Bowl or Entree? Realgood Foods will send 6 readers, chosen at random, a coupon.

How do I enter?

Send an email to to enter

Emails must contain the address you would like coupons sent to,  if you are chosen, and your name.

Winners will be chosen on 8/9/21 at random and notified by email address provided.

Entrée bowls. These are balanced, complete meal solutions ~ offering 9oz REAL FOOD; made almost entirely of two things; All natural veggies and antibiotic free meats.  Instead of processed starches and flours used in most other entrees available today, we used seasoned vegetable noodles and steamed cauliflower rice to complement our proteins ~ which is why our entrees have less than 11g net carbs and 15g+ Protein. We were also super cognizant of calories and sodium with these entrees ~ less than 300 calories and under 800mg for most of the offerings.  

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