In the Extra Savings Flyer which begins 1/1/22, you will find this $10 OFF coupon when you purchase a $50 Mastercard and $50 in groceries.

In order to use the coupon spend $50 on any products in Publix  (except pharmacy, lotto, stamps & money orders) BEFORE coupons.

Pick up a $50 Mastercard gift card from the gift card center

Cut the coupon from the Extra Savings Flyer and present it first to your cashier. (hand this coupon first so the cashier can see you reached the threshold before coupons) 

Hand over any other coupons you have as well.

The coupon deducts $10 from your total, however, there is a charge for the gift card of $4.95.

So you are actually saving $5.05 when you use it.

This is a great coupon because you save $5.05 on your purchases, and you can roll the coupon. This means you use the  MasterCard you just purchased on your next visit to pay for your groceries and purchase a new Mastercard/use coupon again.