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Coupon Lingo

If you have recently joined our Facebook coupon group, you have likely seen a post, like the one on the right, from a member.  We call these break downs “BD”. Reading break downs of coupon trips and comments can sometimes be like texting with your 15-year-old daughter. Below are some of the basic abbreviations you will see in Publix coupon groups.

OOP: $3.23 Saved $128.53

6 Nabisco used $3/2 from SS 6/4

4 Dove Used $3/2 RP 5/2 and $1/2 PQ from PF

8 Smithfield Ham cubes used $1/2 SS 4/2

8 Tide pods $3/1 PG and $1/2 PQ from PF

Q – Coupon

 MQ – Manufacturer’s coupon

PQ – Publix coupon

PF – Purple Flyer

GF -Green Flyer

OOP – Out of Pocket

BOGO-Buy one get one free

NLA- No longer available

RC- Raincheck

SS – Smart Source – coupon insert found in your Sunday paper

RMN -Retail Me Not – coupon insert found in your Sunday paper

P&G – coupon insert found in your Sunday paper

$1.00/1 – One dollar off one product

Where Do I Find Coupons?

Printing coupons

The first place to find manufacturer coupons is printing them. So many great coupons are available to print only, you can not find other places. 

If you do not have a printer, I recommend purchasing an HP printer with Instaink click here. The ink for these printers is only $4.99 per month, and they deliver it to your home, it is well worth the small extra cost of the printer upfront. Sign up for Instaink here 

I provide the locations to each coupon in my Weekly Best Deals. But it is great to sign up for websites for products you commonly use, here is a list of trusted websites who offer printable coupons click here 

Most printable coupon providers allow you to print each coupon two times per device or account. These coupon prints are tracked through your devices or your phone number, not the actual printer. So you can get two prints from your phone, two prints from your tablet and so on using a wifi printer. You may also try printing from different browsers to get a few extra coupon prints on a device ( i.e Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome) this does not work with all coupon printing sites but it’s worth a shot.

Once you have printed the coupon, most printable sites will allow you to easily print it again by hitting your browser back arrow. Some, however, you have to go back and click on the link where you found the coupon and print again.

Never share or leave printable coupons in the store for others. This may seem like a thoughtful gesture, but the coupon is linked to your phone number when you signed up. If the person who picks up the coupon makes copies or misuses the coupon the coupon site may restrict your printing privileges.

You may not ever copy a printable coupon there is a unique code on the coupon which tracks it to only be used once. Most coupon sites have a disclosure or warning against copying a coupon, which is also printed on most coupons. Sometimes your computer may prompt you to print additional copies of a coupon, this is simply printing a copy. It is not generating a new unique code.  So choosing more than one copy is not the right way to print multiple coupons. 

Do not buy printable coupons from coupon sellers. While this also may seem like an easy way to get more coupons, you are not sure where the coupons came from, or if they are legitimate and they can be tracked at the store through your customer loyalty card or credit card. Many couponers have been prosecuted for using fake coupons they have bought on the internet and have faced jail and penalties. Please do not abuse the privilege. Print through the legitimate coupon sites listed above, and use multiple devices in your home.

Sometimes a coupon resets, and you can get two more prints per device (this typically happens mid-month or at the end of the month)

Printable coupons are available for a limited time or for limited prints, once the coupon has reached the manufacturer’s limit, it’s gone. So if you see a coupon you know you will use, don’t wait, print it immediately

Sunday Coupon Insert

Another way to obtain coupons is through the Sunday newspaper. In the newspaper, you will find coupon inserts.

 The three inserts found in the Sunday paper are Red Plum(RP), Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and Smart Source (SS). When couponers are referring to these inserts they use the abbreviations shown above.

Not always do all three inserts come in your paper each week. Sometimes you will only get Smart Source, or sometimes you may get both. P&G only comes out once per month. 

Most couponers buy multiple newspapers. You can call your newspaper provider to inquire if they have a special rate for what some areas call a “coupon paper”  or the Sunday paper.

A lot of the newspaper coupons are also printable, so if your newspaper is expensive you may want to cut down on papers and print what you need instead. 

Digital Coupons

Publix also has digital coupons on their website or app. click here to sign up These are manufacturer coupons. You can not use them in conjunction with your papers/insert coupons or printable coupons. To use a digital coupon on the Publix website, clip it and then at checkout enter your phone number into the credit/debit card keypad and the coupons you have clipped will deduct at the end of your purchase if you purchased the items in your trip. Be careful and make sure to click on the  “details” on the digital coupons and note the size restrictions on each coupon. If you buy 2.5 oz. chips and the coupon are only valid for 11.9 oz chips it will not deduct at the register. Also, you may only use most digital coupons once. So if you buy two Tide, only one digital coupon will deduct. Once you use the digital coupon, it disappears.

For more detailed information on digital coupons watch the video below

Peelies, Hang Tags and Blinkies!

You can also find coupons in store on products. These coupons are commonly called hang tags, peelies or blinkie by couponers.

Orgainizing Your Coupons

There are many ways to organize your coupons, below we will go over the top methods and you may tailor them to what is most comfortable for you.

Binder method:

Click here to purchase a coupon binder

I personally have used this method for the last few years. I like knowing if I find a deal or clearance items in the store I have the coupon available to use. However, I found clipping and organizing EVERY coupon from my insert is very time-consuming. So I have tailored this method slightly, which I will cover later.

What you need:

  • A good quality binder I recommend one with a zipper like this 

  • Baseball card holders ( get a variety of pocket sizes) click here

  • Dividers

  • Scissors 

  • pencil pouch

  • calculator (optional, but good to have)

  • Sunday Inserts

To orgainize with this method, first decide how you want to organize your coupons – by type (dairy, toiletries, baking supplies),

by aisle, by expiration, etc. Then, create a divider for each of your categories.

Stick your dividers in the binder, and place several baseball card pages behind each one.

Print out a copy of the Publix coupon policy Click here

Stick a pencil pouch at the front of your binder, and equip it with scissors, a calculator and a pen

Then cut your coupons. I recommend pulling each identical page out of each insert and cutting

all like pages together.

Load the coupons into the proper category in your binder.

The File Box Method:

Click here to purchase

The pros of this method are it not time-consuming. The cons are you don’t have your coupons with you at all times unless you take this to the store which would be cumbersome.

What you need:

  • File holder

  • Files

  • Labels

  • Sunday inserts

Each insert has a date on the seam of the insert. Use the dates of the insert

to make a file for each week. You can make sub files for Red Plum, SmartSource etc.

or you can just make one file for each week.

All you have to do is drop the inserts and label a file each week.

Expandable Envelope:

Starting out, this is a great beginner’s organizational method

Cut your coupon inserts and file them by category.

Click here to purchase

Magazine Holders

Magazine Holders are a great way to store your weekly inserts by date.

You can purchase them pretty expensively.

Each holder can store a week of inserts. 

Coupon Database

When looking for a location of a coupon, we use a coupon database. Click here to view the database

The database is a tool which easily tells you where a coupon is located. All you have to do is type in the name or brand of the item you are looking for and the database lists the locations of the coupon.

Below I searched for “Sargento” in the database

The third choice is a link to a printable coupon, click on the link to go directly to the coupon.

The fourth choice is an insert coupon.

On the spine of your coupon inserts, you will find the date of the insert. Look in the 3/3 SS to find your coupon. 

Coupon Terms

Reading coupon fine print is extremely important, but also can be very confusing.

You will find the terms of the coupon in the fine print, for example, how many coupons you can use per transaction. Often the terms are misunderstood, so below we have explained some common terms.

If you ever have any further question, you can email the manufacturer of the coupon.

“Redeemable at Walmart”

Manufacturer coupon which state

“Redeemable at ….” or “Available at… ” mean the product is at this store. It does not mean you can only use the coupon at this store. The Store has just paid to advertise on the coupon.

“Redeemable ONLY at CVS”

If the coupon states its redeemable ONLY at a specific store, you may only use the coupon at that store.

“Limit one coupon per purchase”

 You can use one coupon for every individual item purchased. Purchase 4 Tide, you can you 4 coupons.

Most coupons say this, the manufacturer is telling you you can not stack manufacturer coupons onto the price of the item until you get it free.  You can still use a store coupon, the verbiage only pertains to the manufacturer coupon.

“Limit one like coupon per transaction” or ” identical coupons”

A transaction is each time you pay the cashier. If the coupon states limit one coupon per transaction you may only use that coupon one time per shopping trip.

If you have another coupon for the same product but is different you may use it in the same transaction. For example, I am purchasing two bars of Aveeno soap. You have a $2/2 printable coupon which reads in the fine print ” one like coupon per transaction” and you also have a $1/1 Aveeno printable coupon which reads ” one like coupon per transaction” in the fine print, you may use both coupons in one transaction because they are not ” like” they are for different values and have different bar codes. 

“Limit one coupon per person”

As silly as it may seem, and I’ve emailed several manufacturers to confirm,  this term means you can bring a friend or spouse, with you and use two coupons in the transaction. One per person means one coupon may be used per person with you in the transaction.

“Can not be combined with any other coupon”

This is another tricky term, many new couponers mistake it to mean you can not combine it with a store coupon. Can not be combined with any other coupon pertains to manufacturer coupon, meaning you can not use a Tide $2/1 printable coupon and a Tide $2/1 insert coupon on ONE bottle of Tide.

You may still use a store coupon if available. They are telling you you cannot stack manufacturer coupons until the item becomes free.

Pictures vs. Text

Always honor the terms of the coupon in the text, companies often use stock photos on coupons and sometimes they aren’t even the product in the text. If a coupon states ” $2 off any Clearasil product” you are not limited to what is pictured on the coupon, you can use it on any product. 

Coupon terms or fine print

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