We typically receive a lot of questions in our Facebook group about the Publix Gas Card Deal   If you have never done the gas card deal at Publix below are some tips and information which will help you understand how it works.

What is the Gas Card Deal?

Publix offers this deal every so often to customers, the coupon is found on the front page of the weekly ad, when the deal is running. It usually only lasts from the first day of your sale until Sunday.  Check the dates on your coupon. The deal allows $10 off your total purchase when you buy $50 in items at Publix AND one $50 gas card in the same shopping trip.

What items qualify for the gas card deal?

ANY items at Publix qualify for the deal except lottery, phone and gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, money services, postage stamps, and prescriptions.

Can I use another total order off coupon with the gas card deal?

The answer is covered, under the FAQ section of Publix’s coupon policy, below is the question and answer on their site click here to go to the policy

Can I use gas card coupons and dollars-off-total-order coupons in the same transaction?

Yes. The purchase requirements for both coupons will be combined, meaning if you must spend $50 to redeem the gas card coupon and $50 to redeem the dollars-off-total-order coupon, you must spend $100 to redeem both.

The gas card coupon is considered a Publix total order off coupon and it attaches to both the gas card and the $50.00 in items. (meaning you must buy one to get the other) So, yes, you may use an additional competitor coupon, but you must also reach the threshold of that coupon. You may not use the competitor coupon toward the $50 purchase of the gas card.

Example: Use “$10/$50 gas card coupon” and a “spend $30 on groceries, save $5 Target coupon” You would need to spend $130.00 in order to use both of these coupons in the transaction.

$30 “groceries” (to meet the Target threshold) and the amount of the $50 gas card and then another $50 in Publix items (to meet the Publix gas card threshold)

How to execute a gas card deal

Plan your trip! Total your items before hitting the store to ensure you reach that $50 threshold. (Also plan and take  a few back-up deals, just in case they are out of an item in your plan.)

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Go to the store, grab a weekly sales ad from the Information Center or Customer Service Counter. Collect your $50 in items. Also, grab a $50 gas card, any gas station’s card  is allowed (i.e. Shell, Racetrack)  


Bring all the items to check out, and put your items on the belt. Don’t give the cashier your coupons until all items have been totaled (so they can verify you hit the $50 threshold)

Either put your gas card coupon on top of all your coupons or tell your cashier you are using it so she can verify you met the threshold before deducting your coupons.

Hand over the gas card, gas card coupon (found on front page of weekly sales ad) your coupons and then watch your total go down!

It’s really simple, the first time can be intimidating, so I suggest not using an additional competitor coupon just to get one trip simply “under your belt”.

If you have any questions, wanna go over a trip you planned before going, click here and ask in our Facebook chat group. You are also welcome to PM me through Facebook anytime click here

Remember to show off your haul in our Facebook group, we LOVE to see what you have accomplished!


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