I was so excited to see this news, I shrieked in Publix today. Publix has updated its app, you can now search digital coupons in the app. I will show you a step by step below.

If you are new to Publix digital coupons, keep reading below this announcement for a crash course.

Once you sign up for Publix Digital Coupons download the app on your phone.

Sign into the app and this screen will appear.


Chose Digital Coupons

Next, the categories of available digital coupons will appear. Click view all

This will bring up all available coupons to clip.

I highlighted the search bar in green. Tap on the box, and type in the coupon you are looking for. The search will bring up clipped or unclipped coupons.

I chose to search for Huggies.

when you type in Huggies all Huggies coupons, clipped or unclipped, will appear.

Digital coupons that are not clipped have green scissors beside the description (see picture above) To clip them click on the green scissors.

Once you have successfully clipped the coupon the scissors are grey. (see picture above) 

Most digital coupons are one-time use. Rarely we will have a digital coupon we can use more than one time.

If the coupon can be used more than one time, there will be a “x” symbol above the description (see circled example in picture) 

This Tide coupon can be used up to 5 times. You must, however, use the coupon all 5 times it is available in one transaction. Once it is used it will disappear from your list.

For more on digital coupons please watch the video above.

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