Publix Gas Card Coupon: Publix is offering a coupon in the Weekly Ad valid from  Valid  Publix Gas Card Week  3/2/22 – 3/6/22 or 3/3/22 -3/6/22

 in most areas, for $10.00 off the Purchase of One (1) $50.00 Gas Card With A Grocery Purchase of $50.00 or more. 

We have constructed a step by step guide for you to take advantage of the Gas Card Deal below.

The Gas Card Coupon expires Sunday and begins the first day of your weekly sale

The gas card coupon is found on the front page of the weekly ad, The coupon allows $10 off your total purchase when you buy $50 in items at Publix AND one $50 gas card in the same shopping trip.

How to do a Publix Gas Card Deal

Step One:

Some people like to get their total below the $50 cost of the gas card, some people like to buy their regularly needed grocery items and are happy just saving $10 off their couponed trip. In the beginning, keep it simple. we will do some scenarios for you and post them to the group. You can swap out items you don’t need/want in those scenarios. They are a guide to help you plan and show you how it’s done. I’ve also posted some previous gas card videos I’ve done in the store below.

Step Two: Plan!

Pick the deals you need this week and calculate your total to reach $50 before coupons are applied. BOGO items count once.

The gas card coupon does state ” Purchase $50 in groceries” but any items in Publix are considered groceries, the only exclusions are lottery, phone and gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, money services, postage stamps, and prescriptions.

Have a few ” back up deals” planned since sometimes they are out of items on the first few days of sale.


Step Three:

Next, cut and print your coupons for the items you have chosen to purchase.

Step Four” Execute

Go to Publix, When you arrive grab a weekly sales ad from the Publix Information Center or Customer Service Desk. Cut the Gas Card Coupon which is on the front page of the Weekly Sales Ad. 

Pick up ur planned items, and a $50 gas card of your choice from the gift card area. (sometimes they are by the registers as well)

Take your items and the gas card and coupons to the register.

Present your coupons to the cashier. I prefer to put my gas card coupon on the top of all my coupons, so they can verify I reached the $50 threshold required to do the gas card deal.

The cashier will deduct $10 off your order. And then begin deducting your coupons. 

Step Five: Celebrate

If you have any questions, wanna go over a trip you planned before going, click here and ask in our Facebook chat group. You are also welcome to PM me through Facebook anytime click here

Make sure to share your deal in our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram so we can celebrate with you!

The Gas Card coupon states ” groceries’ but ANY items at Publix qualify for the deal except lottery, phone and gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, money services, postage stamps, and prescriptions.


Below are some videos I did in-store earlier in the year. These deals aren’t valid this week, but it can give you a visual idea of how to do the Gas Card deal.


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