Publix rainchecks were suspended temporarily in 2020 when stores were having trouble keeping items stocked due to COVID.

It has been confirmed rainchecks will return in October. If you did not coupon before 2020 you may be confused about why this is a ” BIG DEAL”.

A rain check is received at the Publix Customer Service counter when an item is out of stock which is part of an advertised sale. 

The sale can be a SALE in the Extra Savings Flyer or the Weekly AD. You may not get a raincheck for a Publix coupon. 
Customer Service will print a rain check, for 8 items, at the advertised sale price. which you can redeem within the next 30 days at any register.
Some musts to receive a raincheck:
  • A rain check can only be written for a sale. 
  • The sale must be advertised on the Publix website, in the weekly ad, or Extra Savings Flyer.

What if my store isnt out of all the products on sale but a specific flavor?

You may still get a raincheck. If your store has a BOGO sale on Quaker Oatmeal, and your coupon is for the Cinnamon flavor only and your store is out of that flavor, you can receive a rain check specifically for that flavor of oatmeal. 

They are printing rainchecks now, so they may just print the raincheck automatically for the sale and not specify the flavor.

Raincheck may be redeemed at ANY Publix location. If you get a raincheck at the Publix on Mainstreet you may use it at the Publix on Kent Street. 
Publix will issue one rain check per household per day. Each day the item is out of stock the Publix policy states you may receive a rain check, whether it is the first or last day of the sale.

How do I redeem my raincheck?

Rainchecks can be redeemed at registers during a normal checkout.

My coupons expired before I redeemed my rain check.

That’s ok! Publix will accept the expired coupons (Store or Manufacturer) if they were valid at the time the rain check was written.

I have more than one rain check. Can I use multiple rain checks in the same transaction?

Yes; as long as the correct number of products are purchased to meet the requirements of the rain check, multiple rain checks can be redeemed in the same order. However all coupon limitations still apply. Meaning if the manufacturer coupon has a limit of one, you can stll only use one coupon, even if you have a RC for 8 items.

If you have two rainchecks, for  the same items you can use them both in one transaction but you can not exceed the 8-like coupons policy.


Publix only has two of the item in stock and my rain check is for eight items, can they rewrite it for the other six items?

No, unfortanely Publix requires you to purchase all eight items your rain check is written for, or you will lose the remaining items.


My item has not been in stock and its been almost 30 days and my rain check is about to expire…

Go to Customer Service and explain the item still is not in stock, they can rewrite the raincheck for another 30 days. If you are using coupons with that raincheck make sure they note they rewrote the raincheck and the coupons were valid at the time on the new raincheck.


I have a rain check for Pampers for $8.99 and there is a $5 off two sale next week, will I get both deals?

No, the purpose of the rain check is to allow the customer to receive the price of the item during the sale it was written. You can not combine your rain check sale price with a current sale.

How many items can I get a rain check for?

Each day the item is out of stock, you can receive a raincheck.

The quanity  depends on the type of sale.
A rain check can be issued for up to 8 single items, or up to 4 deals, not exceeding 20 items.​
If the sale is a BOGO sale: you can get a rain check for 4 deals or 8 items.
 $10 for 10 sale: you can get a rain check for 2 deals or 20 items.
Buy Two, Get One Free Sale: you can receive a rain check for 4 deals on a “Buy Two, Get One Free” energy drinks, which is 12 items.

The Publix raincheck policy can be found on the Publix website here

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