Publix  Extra Savings Flyer 2/27/21 – 3/12/21

In your Upcoming Publix Extra Savings Flyer, you will find this Visa Gift Card coupon offer. It’s a very simple way to save an extra $5.05 on your groceries. 

Publix  Extra Savings Flyer 2/27/21 - 3/12/21 Visa Gift Card Offer Publix Coupon

Buy $50 in items (the coupon’s terms say buy $50 in groceries – but any items in Publix are fine except alcohol, tobacco, lottery, money orders, other phone and gift cards and postage.)

This $50 total is calculated BEFORE coupons.

The cashier should ring up your items and the Visa gift card and your total will equal  $100+ before coupons are applied. ($50 of this is the Visa gift card) 

There is a $4.95 activation fee for purchasing the Visa card.

With your other coupons present the above coupon to the cashier. The cashier will deduct your coupons, including taking $10 off your order for this coupon. (remember a $4.95 activation fee was applied when you purchased the card)


You may use your $50 Visa gift card to purchase your next shopping trip at Publix. To maximize your savings during your next trip take advantage of another Visa Gift Card offer. The system will now allow you to pay for the trip with the previously purchased gift card allowing you another saving $5.05 savings!

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