Another source of obtaining coupons is printing them. Many companies offer great printable coupons on their websites or through sites like coupons com.

Each site has its own software which tracks its coupons. The software allows them to limit the number of coupons you can print, and also track who printed the coupon. 

Be careful of websites offering to find you coupons if you download their software, most are scams and malware implanted on your devices.

Below are several trustworthy coupon sites. The software you are downloading, if any, is safe.

The most commonly used coupon printing site is

To begin printing coupons you will need to sign up here. allows you to print two coupons per device and tracks your coupon prints by your phone number and device IP address. You are not required to download software to use their service.

You can sign up on your phone, tablet, laptop or Desktop.

Once you print two coupons from your device you will receive a “limit reached” notification.

To print more of the same coupon, you can go to another device and open a new account using a different phone number and name, for example, My husband’s laptop is registered on to his phone number and name. 

For example, my laptop is registered with my phone number. My husband’s phone I have registered under his phone number, my son’s laptop is registered under his cell phone number. This way I can print two coupons per device without getting the ” limit reached notification. coupons each have a unique code on the upper right corner of the coupons. It looks like a smaller barcode. This code ties the coupon to your device and if you copy or misuse the coupon your coupon printing privileges may eventually get revoked. 

If you run into trobule printing on click here to access their trobuleshooting guide

Companies who have great coupons to print on their sites!

KFR: Kellogg’s Family Rewards

Kellogg’s Family Rewards offers some great coupons to print monthly, but in addition to those, you can enter codes from your Kellogg’s purchases (on the boxes) and collect points to print special higher value coupons.

Sign up using the form here 

Your coupon prints are tracked using the software, so you can print two coupons per account and device. 

If you run into trouble printing, click here for some FAQ

Pampers has an awesome page of coupons usually available for two prints when you join their website here 

P&G offers coupons to members who join their site. However, watch printing them some are only available to use one day after printing. Click here to join.

To print coupons, pick the coupon you want by adding them to your basket. Click on your basket at the bottom right of the screen.

Arm & Hammer offers coupons on their website you can print two times. Click here to view them.

You can only print these coupons from a desktop.

Colgate has some great coupon offers on their site each month click here to view

Hefty has coupon offers on their products  here 

These also can only be printed on a desktop

Clorox offers some great coupons each month click here 

You must sign up to print, and can print two per month.

Perdue offers coupons for their products click here to print 

Huggies offers coupons and a rewards program to its members. click here for details

Lysol offers coupons click here to print

The box to the left is the LOZO box. It searches hundreds of company websites for available printable coupons. Just type in a coupon brand you are looking for to see if any printable coupons are available.

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