Have you seen the pictures of couponers stacked with tons of products they got for close to nothing? And asked HOW?%$#? And they may have added you to our Facebook group and there you see pictures of things for great deals but are clueless how to obtain them? You’re in the right spot, I’m gonna walk you through becoming a Publix Couponer!


My name is Amy Barker,  each week I share Publix deals on my website, My Couponing Buddy, explaining how to coupon at Publix. I wanted to do a Weekly Series of a step by step guide you could follow along with and grow as a Publix Couponer. 

There are many types of couponers, some just coupon occasionally, some are extreme and stockpile, some buy their regular purchases and use coupons, some just shop for BOGO deals and use coupons. None of these are wrong, coupon how you feel comfortable. Saving money is the end goal or all of us!

The “extreme couponers” you see, who bought 56 toothbrushes, are stockpile couponers. They purchase things in high volume when prices are low or free, to last them. When you buy a product at a low price (or free) you then get to take that $3 you would use to buy that toothbrush and put it towards something else in your budget. Do this enough times  and you have a stockpile, you only need to refresh when a great deal comes a long again, and maybe buy meats and veggies each week.

But this type of couponing is not for everyone, and can be done at a smaller scale and still save you tons of money each month.

There are a lot of components to couponing, so I am breaking it down in weeks in this guide. 

My website cuts down a considerable amount of time you would spend searching for deals and matching coupons, however time and energy is still required to coupon for every type of couponer. 

Let’s begin…

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.Step two, of course is finding coupons to use at Publix. There are two types of coupons, Manufacturer coupons and Store coupons.


Manufacturer Coupons

The first place to find Manufacturer coupons is in coupon inserts, which usually come in your Sunday Newspaper, some may also come free in the mail on Wednesdays. (depending on your area)

You can order a newspaper subscription to one or multiple newspapers in your area, verify they offer coupons before committing.

You can order clipped coupons from websites like Klip2save or The Coupon Clippers If your area charges a ton for the newspaper each week. These sites ar great because instead of spending $3 on multple newpapers, you can buy just the coupons you need normally at about $0.10 each. 

Manufacturer coupons can also be found digitally on the Publix website.

Digital Coupons are ONE time use. Once you use the coupon, it disappears from your digital account.

Manufacturer coupons are also printable and can be found on many websites. The top websites to print coupons are found on MyCouponingBuddy.com under the Get Coupons tab


You need to take some time and register for these sites. Some require you to download coupon printing software.

Start with click here these

If you do not have a printer. Get one! There are tons of hot coupons which are ONLY printable and the cost of a printer will pay for itself very quickly.

I recommend a printer that is instaink compatible, like this HP Envy on sale for only $39.99 now.

Instaink is a Ink cartridge program only available on some HP printers which allows you to order your ink beginning as low as only $2.99. The subscription for $2.99 for 50 pages a month, $4.99 for 100 pages and $9.99 for 300 pages.


Printable coupons do’s and don’ts

Do print a coupon you think you may use as soon as you see it. Manufacturers only release a coupon for a certain number of prints and time. If you wait you may miss the coupon. Often the coupon does not expire for many weeks, but is no longer available to print, or what we call NLA. This can be very frustrating, so print early.


Do print the coupon twice Most sites will allow you to print a coupon two times per account. Each coupon printing site is different, but if you have another device in your home, you can also print from, you can usually print two more coupons from each device. (not printer, you only need one WIFI printer to print from multiple devices) 

Register these devices with a family member’s information rather than your information you used when signing up on the first device. For example coupons.com tracks by phone number and device. When you register with coupons.com they ask you to verify your phone number. If you provide different phone numbers (i.e. husband’s kids) you can print two more coupons per device registered. My laptop is registered to my phone number, My husband’s laptop to his phone number, 

My phone is registered under my Dad’s phone number, My son’s laptop is under his phone number and so on, so I can multiple prints of the same coupon.


Do not ever copy a coupon

You may be thinking why do you go through all this trouble to print several coupons, when you can just copy them, or change the copy code? Copying a coupon is illegal, the coupon printing website tracks the coupons you use, and if you copy a coupon, you can be prosecuted legally and your coupon privileges revoked.

Each printable coupon has a number unique to you, and the company can track where it was printed from and who used it.


Do save coupons to PDF

You may see a great printable coupon and not have a deal available to use it right now. This is when I save the coupon to a pdf file. This way you dont miss the coupon, but you have it saved on your computer if a great sale comes along it matches.

You will need adobe on your computer to save to pdf, some phone’s also save to pdf. 

Coupons.com often gives you the option of emailing the coupon to yourself, this is NOT the same as saving to PDF, if the coupon becomes no longer available before you print it, you can not print it at a later date if sent to email. Unlike savng the coupon where you can print it if ever you need it. 


Lastly, You may also find manufacturer coupons in store on products. These are called blinkies, hang tags or peelies


Publix Coupons:

Publix puts out a ton of store coupons. Most common, every two weeks Publix puts out an Extra Savings Coupon Book packed with Publix store coupons and sales. The flyer can be found in store.

Publix Extra Savings Flyer

Sneak Peek Publix Extra Savings Flyer 7/2/22 - 7/15/22 couponing

The Extra Savings Flyer can be found in most stores at the Information Center usually found near the front door of the store. If you do not see an Information Center at your store, ask Customer Service where the flyers can be found.

In addition to the Extra Savings Flyer Publix also typically has an event or holiday coupon book out. Some of these books can only be found in-store and some are found in-store and also printable.

We share all the current Publix Coupon Books under the Publix Coupon Books  tab on our website. 

You may also sometimes find Publix Coupons on end caps, every so often there is a tearpad on displays, so keep your eyes peeled.


Coupon Lingo

In the coupon world you will see a lot of lingo. Below is a list of commonly used slang

You may want to save this to your phone or computer, until you become familiar with it.

Goals this week:

Locate where you find manufacturer coupon inserts in your city.

Sign up for one or more newspaper subscriptions

Locate Publix Coupons in your store

Explore our website, look over the tips and tricks tab

Get a printer

Sign up for coupon websites

Join our social media pages and start looking at deals and lingo