Week Two – How to find deals and read a deal breakdown

Now that you have found coupons, let’s find some deals.

Each weekend. before the sale even begins, we post the upcoming deals on MyCouponingBuddy.com. Start your planning over the weekend for the upcoming sale. If you wait, you will sometimes find you didn’t get the coupon in your insert, or the shelves are cleared because you weren’t ready when the sale began. Being organized and going in with a plan is key to using coupons.

Visit the Best Deals of the week here Click on the upcoming week’s deals. Find the deals you would like to get.

I recommend starting with just a few deals at a time in the beginning. For your first trip pick one or two deals just to get your feet wet.

Within the best deals of the week, you will find a roadmap to do each deal, which we call ” breakdowns”.

Above is a breakdown from the Best Deals. It shows how to do the Clorox deal using a printable coupon or using an insert coupon.

the first arrow is the printable breakdown. You purchase one of the Clorox toilet bowl cleaner listed, use one of the printable coupon. (click on the link to go to the coupon and print it) and finally what you will pay for the item.


Below it is a breakdown you can do with an insert coupon. The red squared date indicates the date of the insert the coupon came in.

I suggest writing the date of the insert on the insert when you get it, but if you have collected some and are unsure which date is which insert, the date of each insert is in extremely small print on the inserts seam.   (pictured above)

So to find the Clorox coupon for this deal. You are looking in your Smart Source (SS) insert dated 3/1/20.

Flip through the insert. You may run into that your insert does not have this coupon. this is because many coupons now are regional and not all areas get every same coupon. In this case, you can use the printable coupon listed or order coupons from an insert clipper mentioned in the Week One tutorial


Goals this week:

Find the Weekly Best Deals on MyCouponingBuddy.com

Pick a deal

Go to Publix and complete your first couponing deal

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