Early Sneak Peek ~Publix Extra Savings Flyer  10/9/21 to 10/22/21

We are here to help you coupon at Publix. If you are new to couponing at Publix click here and read our Beginner’s Guidewhich goes over the basics of couponing.

If you are just new to couponing to Publix click here for our Publix Beginner’s Guide to Couponing.

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What is the Extra Savings Flyer?

The Publix Extra Savings Flyer is a coupon book always available at Publix. Every two weeks a new Extra Savings Flyer is released with new deals & coupons.


Where do I find the Publix Extra Savings Flyer?

The Extra Savings Flyer can be found in-store, once it begins,  or is also printable here. Under the Weekly Ad (make sure you are signed in to the Publix website) Look in your store’s information center or ask the Customer Service Counter for a copy in-store.


Can I use another coupon with an Extra Savings Coupon?

Yes, Publix Extra Savings Flyer Coupons are store coupons and can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon. For more information on how to stack coupons visit our Beginner’s Guide here.

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