Participating products:

Choose from any of these Conagra Frozen Brands:
Healthy Choice
Birds Eye Voila!
Purple Carrot
Banquet Mega 

Dates: October 1 – November 14, 2021 

Accrue $20 over multiple trips.

Earn up to $15 in gift cards.

Any specials that are discounted at the store, such as Buy One Get One Free promotion and other dollars-off or cents-off promotions in the store will NOT be included in the amount you will be credited for. If there is a Buy One Get One Free special, you may write a star or an asterisk next to one of them and you will receive credit for it. You won’t get credit for the subsequent item because it was free.

If you use a coupon on any of the participating items, the coupon amount will not be subtracted from the amount you are claiming.

We are here to help you coupon at Publix. If you are new to couponing at Publix click here and read our Beginner’s Guidewhich goes over the basics of couponing.

If you are just new to couponing to Publix click here for our Publix Beginner’s Guide to Couponing.

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