Did you know you can email companies and they will sometimes send you coupons and/or samples?

Companies appreciate consumer feedback! For the same reason they put out hangtags and peelie coupons on products,  they send out coupons to customers, they want you to try their product!

You can create a form email to send to companies, but I find I have better luck when I make the email specific to why my family uses or wants to try a product. For example, last week I tried Philly Gourmet Sandwich Steaks for the first time. I usually buy Steak-Umms but these were $1.00 cheaper at Publix. I liked them better! I emailed the company and told them and also asked if they could add me to their mailing list so I could receive coupons and offers.

If you have not tried the brand, be honest and tell the company why.  For example ” I saw a commercial for your product and it looks amazing! I would love to try it but I noticed they were $8.99 which is a little out of my price range. Could you please send me a sample or coupons?”

Some companies will send samples, or high-value coupons, some I don’t hear back from but it’s a lot of fun, like Christmas in the mail some days! Sit down and email two or three companies a week, and soon you will get lots of goodies by mail.

Below you will find the contact information for companies by clicking on their company logo picture.  Please know, companies may or may not have coupons on hand, so don’t get discouraged, just keep at it! I promise you will not regret it! I emailed a large razor company and told them about a product I liked. They did not send me any coupons right away, however, several months later I received a new razor, replacement blades and $5 coupons in the mail.

Idea email: 

Dear Prego,

My family and I enjoy your sauce at least once a week! We buy only Prego, I joke and call it my “secret sauce”.  Coming from a long line of Italian women, the sauce is very important. I love with Prego  I can make spaghetti and  I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make it perfect, I just pop your jar open for delicious sauce my family enjoys every time!

Thank you for such a spectacular product. I would like to be added to your mailing list if you have product coupons or new product samples we would love to have them.

Thank you,

Amy Barker


If you have not read our Beginner’s Guide to couponing click here.

Always provide your address so they can send you the coupons!

Click on the logo for a direct link to email companies

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