where do i find coupons


Coupon Inserts


Printable coupons can be found on many trusted websites. They are free to print, you may need to download some software. 

Coupon Inserts can be found in most Sunday newspapers.

The Publix website and/or app  has free digital coupons for everyone!

Using two coupons on one item is called stacking. It can seem confusing at first but once you learn to identify coupons it is simple.

Identifying a Publix Coupon Beginner
How to identify a manufacturer coupon

We post Publix deals often on our website, and try to keep the Best Deals of the Week updated. You can find all the deal breakdowns here

This is easily also found by going to MyCouponingBuddy.com

It is usually written write on the coupon. sometimes however understanding the terminology is a bit difficult. Click here for an an article that goes over the top terms on coupons.

Most coupons allow you two prints per device.

On most coupon sites you can make additional accounts, for other family members, to receive more coupon prints.

For example, on Coupons.com you must use a separate phone number on another device in your home but you may print two more coupons.

Coupons usually reset also on the 1st and 15th of each month and allow you additional prints.


For more information check out the Beginner’s Guides here

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