This is Week 3! If you are following along and taking this journey week by week with us you should have scored your first deal at Publix using coupons! Congratulations!!! If you missed weeks one and two you can find them in the links below to get caught up.

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What is TRUE BOGO and Half BOGO

Something I should have covered in Week one of this guide is True BOGO and Half BOGO areas.

Publix offers BOGO sales each week in their sales ad. In most areas, the system rings up BOGO products at full price then deducts the cost of half of each BOGO sale item. these areas are referred to as HALF BOGO areas.

In TRUE BOGO areas the system rings up BOGO sales at full price and the second item has a full price deduction. This is due to some tax laws in states, and for the most part, makes no difference except in a few situations.

To make it simple 99.9% of TRUE BOGO areas are in Florida. All other states Publix services are half BOGO areas. There are some very few exceptions and you would find the information on which type of area you reside in by checking a Publix receipt.

Half BOGO areas only have to purchase one product to get the BOGO price. Items ring up at full price then half the price is deducted.

In True BOGO areas you must buy two items to get the BOGO savings. BOGO Items ring up full price, and one items full amount is completely deducted.

Publix Couponing Beginner’s Guide: What is Stacking Coupons?

Now that you have scored your first few deals using coupons at Publix and are getting comfortable let’s try adding stacking  Publix coupons to a deal.

Publix allows you to use one manufacturer coupon and one Publix coupon on an item. Manufacturer coupons are coupons found in newspaper inserts, printable coupon sites, (like coupons com), and digitally (the Publix app or website). Manufacturer coupons are coupons provided by the manufacturer of the coupon. 

Before we begin explaining stacking, it is important to know how to identify what types of coupons are available. Occasionally you will find a Publix coupon in your Sunday Inserts or a manufacturer coupon in your Purple or Green Flyer. So how do you know what is what?

Publix coupons can be identified by:

  • they do not have a barcode
  • they have a LU#
  • and often say Publix coupon on them.

Manufacturer coupons

  • have a barcode
  • and often state  Manufacturer coupon at the top.


Publix coupons can be found in multiple places. The most common Publix coupons are found in the Green and Purple Flyer. Green and Purple Flyers are found in Publix in the information center or at the Customer Service counter in some stores. The Green & Purple Flyer can also be printed from the Publix website here. Publix releases a new Green or Purple Flyer every week. The Purple Flyer is filled with non-food item sales & coupons and the Green Flyer is full of food sales and coupons.



Additionally,  Publix releases seasonal coupon books.  These books can be found in MOST stores and are also printable. We post links to active Publix coupon books on our website here.

It is important to identify the types of coupons because you can stack a Publix coupon and a manufacturer coupon, but you can not stack a manufacturer coupon with another manufacturer coupon. Let’s go over some stacking examples below.

Above is a Publix coupon found in the Publix Purple Flyer. To the right is a manufacturer coupon. Thes two coupons can be combined (stacked) 

The above two coupons can both be used together on one Maybelline Face product to save a total of $4.50.

Here is my deal breakdown.

Buy (1) Maybelline cover stick at $4.49

Use (1) $2.50/1 Maybelline product in the Purple Flyer

AND USE (1) $2/1 Maybelline Face products found in RMN ( Retail Me Not insert) dated 3/15



Here is an example of another deal using a Publix coupon and manufacturer coupon.  The Publix coupon is off TWO products but the manufacturer coupon is off one products, so you would use TWO manufacturer coupon (one for each product) and one Publix coupon when you purchase two Tums.

Buy (2) Tums 36 ct. @ $2.09 ea. = $4.18

Use (1) $2.50 off any 2 Mix or Match Tums 28 – 160 ct. Publix Purple Flyer 3/7-3/20

use (2) $1/1 Tums product 28 ct or larger  RMN 3-8 

OR USE (2) Click here to print Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) TUMS® 28 count or larger

FREE + .18 money maker

The manufacturer coupon in the above deal on Tums can be found in an insert OR can be printed. For your deal, you can use either. If you do not have the coupon from the insert you can print it and use the printable for your manufacturer coupon You could also use one of each. If you only got one insert from RMN 3/8 you only have one manufacturer coupon, but the Publix coupon requires you to purchase two products, so to save the additional $1, you can print the coupon and use 1 manufacturer coupon on the first package and one printable manufacturer on the second package you purchase and 1 Publix coupon ( for both packages) 


So to recap, no matter where the coupons come from you may only use one of each type of coupon per product. One manufacturer coupon and one Publix coupon per item is the max.

Both manufacturer coupons and Publix coupons sometimes have limits. The Publix coupon policy allows you to use up to 8 like coupons in one transaction UNLESS the coupon terms read differently. Here is how you find that information.

The above Advil Publix coupon, found in the Purple Flyer has a limit of one coupon per household per day.  We have highlighted the term for you in red. This means you may only use this coupon one time per day. 

Unlike the Advil coupon, the above Tums coupon does not have any limit. It’s terms state Limit one deal per coupon. Which means you must present one of this Publix coupon for every two Tums you purchase. This is Publix’s way of saying we want a coupon for every item. You can not bring us one Tums coupon and ask us to apply it to 8 tums you purchase. You must bring us 4 of this coupon if you want to purchase 8.

Manufacturer coupons have limits as well. The Tums coupon pictured to the left has a limit on it which is very similar to the Publix term ” limit one coupon per deal” it’s just worded differently. It states ” one coupon per purchase” which means the exact same thing, for every Tums you plan on purchasing you must present one Tums coupon. You can not bring one Tums manufacturer coupon and ask them to apply it to 8 Tums. The coupon further reads ” limit of 4 identical coupons per transaction” which means you may not use more than four of this exact coupon each time you pay the cashier.

These are the most common terms found on coupons and are important to understand when stacking. Below is an example of a Publix deal with a coupon limit.  The Publix Cheez-It coupon has a limit of one coupon per household per day. Cheez-Its are BOGO this week and I am in an area  (TRUE BOGO) where I must buy 2 Cheez-Its to get the BOGO price. So even though I’m purchasing two Cheez-Its I can only use one Green Flyer coupon due to the limit.

Goals this week:

Read different coupon terms and learn the limits. Click here for another article that will help.

Here is a video on stacking

Do one deal at Publix using both a Publix coupon and a manufacturer coupon

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