Total order off coupons are coupons that take a set amount off your total order. Publix sometimes sends these to targeted areas in the mail for marketing. For example, there may be an event at your store, or a competitor store opened nearby and they send out the coupons to keep you as a customer. They also offer gas card coupons and a Visa card coupon intermediately which are considered total order off coupons.

Publix also accepts competitor total order off coupons, the most common being from Target.

In order to use a total order off coupon, you must meet the threshold amount BEFORE ANY COUPONS ARE applied.

Publix Total Order Off Coupons

To the left is a total order off coupon which sometimes can be found in the Purple Flyer. The coupon states buy a $50 visa gift card and Save $10 when you purchase $50 or more of groceries.Unfortunately the fine print of this coupon states there is a $4.95 activation fee on the card, so u are saving $5.05.

To use this coupon you would need to spend $50 in groceries (this includes household items, personal care etc.) AND purchase the $50 Visa Gift Card to save $10 off your order. So when the cashier hits the total key, and before you hand over any coupons, your total needs to be $100.00.

So what is included in that $50 threshold?

Don’t include auto deduct sales. An example of an Auto deduct sale ” $5 off when you purchase two Huggies diapers” Since the system automatically takes off the $5 when you buy two Huggies, the $5 comes off before the total key is entered, so don’t include it in your total.

if you are in a TRUE BOGO area, your items ring up one at full price and the other zero, so you dont include the second item in your total.

Much like the Visa Card total order off coupon, the gas card coupon requires you to spend $50 in groceries and purchase a $50 gas card. There is no activation fee for the gas card however so you do receive the full $10 off.


Competitor Total Order Off Coupons

Each store accepts different competitors. Most stores have a sign like the one to the left near the front door to let you know which competitor coupons they will accept. They work the same as using a Publix total order off coupon, you must meet the threshold before coupons and follow the terms on the coupon.

The above Target coupon can be used on Pepsi Soda, Frito Lay products, Lipton, Quaker and Gatorade products. You will need to buy $15 worth of those products to receive $5 off. Again you can only use this coupon at Publix if your store accepts them as a competitor.

It is important to note Target coupons can sometimes be found in the Target ad, but to use the coupon at Publix it must have a barcode.

You should also have the physical coupon, you can not print these from the ad online. If you don’t get the Target Weekly Ad in your Sunday newspaper, you can go to Target Customer Service and request one.

The Winn Dixie coupon to the right is $5 off when you spend $40 on any purchase. Again this is before coupons and only if your store accepts Winn Dixie as a competitor.

The Publix Coupon Policy states you can use a Publix total order off coupon and a competitor total order coupon in the same transaction BUT you must combine both thresholds.

So you could use the above two coupons in one transaction but you would need to spend $115.00 to do so. $50 on groceries, $50 for the gas card and $15 in the food & beverage purchases listed on the Target coupon.  The $115.00 total is before any other coupons are applied.

Money-Saving Rebates are a fantastic way to score more savings! These rebates allow you to save once you get home, so don’t throw away your Publix receipts.

Publix offers its own rebates and there are also some great rebate apps.

First, let’s go over the Publix rebates, the most common being Publix Stocking Spree.

Publix Stocking Spree is a rebate offered by Publix. The Rebate is for a $10 Publix Gift Card when you spend $50 on select products.

This $50 can be purchased over multiple shopping trips and accumulates each time you upload a receipt to your Stocking Spree account.

For a list of participating items click here.

Stocking Spree is offered all year long. It is the only rebate that Publix offers 365 days a year, but they do offer several other rebates throughout the year. To view the current Publix gift card rebates click here.

In addition to Publix rebates, you can also save from the manufacturer through rebates like Ibotta and Fetch. Each rebate app is different and offers different rewards, the most popular is Ibotta.

Ibotta offers cash back on specific items that vary week by week. You have to clip the item in the Ibotta app and upload your receipt to get cashback.

Click here to view a step by step tutorial on Ibotta.

Fetch is also a great rebate app. Fetch allows you to upload any receipt and receive points. They also offer bonus points on specific items each week.

Savingstar is another great cashback app click here to sign up

Chose an offer, and click“I want this.” There is no limit to the number of different offers you can activate.

Upload your receipt to the app

Once your SavingStar account balance reaches $20, you can cash out!

 The SavingStar and Checkout 51 apps share data, so when an offer is redeemed through one app, the identical offer will no longer be available in the other app. However, SavingStar can be stacked with any other rebate apps

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